Is It Possible to Leave a Generational Legacy of Your Online Business?

 A legacy is something that is very powerful and it is more than an inheritance from birth right, money or an endowment. We should start thinking to leave a good legacy because it shows that you have done your part in imparting and transforming other people's lives for better.

Right now you are doing business online experiences that you or trying to earn extra cash online that has not been easy, but with your persistence one day you will be able to share your value of triumphs and failures and also the good and the bad experiences that you have encountered while trying to do business online. So that you next generation will have a much smoother journey in their life.

Leaving a generational legacy it is what you always will be remembered which includes: The name, wisdom, and the quality time that you have spent with your loved ones. Money, good connection of networks, your ideas, beliefs, values and culture that you will transfer to your next generation

Generational legacy is an unquantifiable value that you should give to your loved ones. It is not good that we should only think about ourselves, but we should also think about others. If you want to be remembered now and after like Kuan Yew the first and the longest Prime Minister of Singapore, Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Sam Walton, Harvard, Princeton and Yale.

After so much trials and errors of trying to make money online, I came to conclusion that you can leave a generation legacy through your online business.

For those who may be wandering who am I? My name is Alice, I am a mother of 7 children and I am a health care worker. I have been a nurse for nearly 10 years but for the pass few years I have been trying to make extra money online. I have bought courses and courses but with no results. I have spent time and time online trying to make money but I had no results. I started to become very frustrated but I made my mind I was not going to give up. This is because I understood that it was possible for me to make money online and leave a good generational legacy for my children.

One day I came across a programme that I started doing. I followed this programme step by step and now I am making more than £10,000 a month. I was working before 37.5 hours a week but now I am only working 11.5 hours a week.

My goal of leaving a legacy for my children has allowed standing and fighting with giants in order to advance faster into my goals. Even though it was very hard making money online but the legacy that I am transferring it is making life easier for the next generation.